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Who We Are & What We Do

About 2SQTP-NB / P2SQT-NB 

What does 2SQTP-NB/P2SQT-NB stand for?

2SQTP-NB stands for Two-Spirit, Queer, and Trans Pathways New Brunswick. P2SQT-NB is the French translation and stands for Pistes bispirituelles, queers et trans au Nouveau-Brunswick.

Why Pathways?

Pathways were chosen as our imagery to reflect the diverse care needs and desires of 2SLGBTQIAA+ folks and the multiple routes, journeys, and pathways that they may take to access their self-identified care needs and desires.

What is the 2SQTP-NB/P2SQT-NB training program?

The 2SQTP-NB/P2SQT-NB training has been designed for General Practitioners  and Nurse Practitioners and consists of a self-directed education package, clinical mentorship and specialized mentorship calls. Our training program has been developed in consultation with Two-Spirit, Indigiqueer, trans, queer, and gender-diverse communities throughout Wolastokuk, Peskotomuhkatik, and Mi'kma'ki, or what is currently called New Brunswick. By the project's conclusion, 2SQTP-NB/P2SQT-NB aims to have 6 primary health care providers trained and actively providing gender-affirming, culturally sensitive care to Two-Spirit, Indigiqueer, trans, and gender-diverse individuals across the province. 


Our mission is to make gender-affirming health care equitable, accessible and culturally sensitive for folks living in New Brunswick. 


Our vision is a Wolastokuk, Peskotomuhkatik, and Mi'kma'ki or what is currently called New Brunswick that is inclusive, accepting, and empowering to Two-Spirit, trans, Indigiqueer, and gender-diverse individuals. We hope to achieve this through collaborative and community-led creation and delivery of education for primary care providers offering gender-affirming health care. We want to emphasize an intersectional approach to understanding care needs that is equitable, accessible, culturally sensitive, and trauma informed. We believe healthcare for Two-Spirit, trans, Indigiqueer, and gender-diverse (2STIGD) patients should be approached collaboratively and holistically to ensure positive health outcomes.



Conduct intentional, grassroots consultation with 2SLGBTQIAA+ communities to ensure education and care is patient-centered and culturally sensitive.


Educate primary care providers in gender-affirming care with an approach to understanding care needs that is equitable, accessible, culturally sensitive, and trauma informed.


Build capacity for the provision of gender-affirming care in New Brunswick.


Build a community of practice and encourage knowledge sharing among primary care providers.

Meet The Staff

Laylia Bennett (they/she)

Finley Rogers (they/them)

Community Engagement Coordinator  

Project Coordinator


Meet The Consultants

1661347878288 (1).jpeg

Jasmine Murchison-Perley  (she/her)

Two-Spirit Education Consultant

Jaya Pictou (she/her)

Trans / Two Spirited Community Educator 

Gage Perley (he/him)

Two-Spirit Project Consultant

Meet The Steering Committee


Casey Burkholder (she/her)


Valerya Edelman  (she/her)

Julia Hansen (she/her)

Katy Johnson (she/they)


Reid Lodge (they/them)


Nicki Lyons-Macfarlane (they/them)

Leslie Reid (she/her)

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