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Gender Gear

Gender-affirming gear is anything that helps affirm one's gender identity by contributing to one's gender presentation. Traditionally this means things like binders, gaffs, packers, STPs, and breast forms. However, from a holistic lens, gender-affirming gear may also include things such as beard stains, makeup, and clothing.

For those that experience gender dysphoria, affirming gear can help reduce dysphoria-related stress and/or increase one's sense of gender euphoria or gender pleasure. Affirming gear also serves as a form of harm reduction. Two-Spirit, trans, and gender-diverse folks are at significant risk for mental health struggles, and access to gender-affirming gear can play a significant role in minimizing this risk and promoting positive mental health.

In this section, you will find information on the different types of gender-affirming gear, where to access it, gender-affirming gear programs, and how to safely use gear. 

Types of Gender Gear


Binding or tucking tape is used to flatten one's chest or external genital bulge. There are different sizes and shades. Binding tape can be used as an alternative to chest binders, whereas tucking tape can be used in addition to a gaff.

Packing harnesses or straps are used to hold packers into place underneath one's underwear or pants. They may also be used for sexual activities when packers have a "play" option.

A stand-to-pee (STP) is a device that allows someone without a penis to stand to urinate. Some STPs cannot be worn in one’s underwear all day and must be carried separately while others can also be used as packers. 

A gaff is an underwear-type garment that helps conceal the penis bulge, making a flatter surface underneath clothing. Gaffs can be used alone or in combination with tucking tape. 

A packer is a type of gear worn inside one’s underwear to create a penis-like bulge through one’s clothes. Some packers come with an erection rod for sexual activities.

Packing pouches are a secure sleeve-like pouch that a packer can be inserted to and can be pinned to the waistline of

underwear, pants, or miniskirts, etc.

There are many different types of bras, two of the most common being bras with pockets and padded bras. Bras with pockets are designed to accommodate breast forms, whereas padded bras may be preferable if you have some breast growth but want your breasts to appear larger.

Vaginal dilations are a very important part of the recovery process after vaginoplasty. Dilations keep the vagina open preventing vaginal stenosis – a process where the vaginal walls scar down and contract. The new vagina has a tendency to close  because the body’s reaction to any procedure is to scar and try to heal itself.

A chest binder, also known simply as a binder, is used to flatten one’s chest tissue to create a flatter chest. Binders come in a variety of sizes, styles, skin tones, and levels of compression. 


Breast forms are made of soft silicone gel and either adhere to your body or are placed in your bra. They are available in different shapes, sizes and skin colours. Some have nipples and some do not.

Nipple patties are often used when taping ones chest. They are placed over the wearers nipples in order to conceal their nipples before using tape to compress their chest.

Bottom pumps are often used by folks with erectile tissue (also known as a clitoris) to help increase blood flow and stimulate bottom growth.  

Where To Get Gear

Gender Gear Programs in NB


Chroma: Pride, Inclusion, Equality Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides support for 2SLGBTQIA+ people in the Saint John Region. Chroma commits to advocating for and collaborating with our community, as well as providing 2SLGBTQIA+ education to all. They promote positive initiatives for the community and conduct research to highlight gaps in services and policy to encourage positive change. In partnership with GC2B and QT Fatties NB, Chroma provides free binders to folks in NB. Please note Chroma NB will be taking care of orders for sizes XS-L and QT Fatties will be taking care of orders for sizes XL-5X.

Queer and Trans Fatties New Brunswick is a grassroots collective by and for 2SLGBTQ+ fat folks in New Brunswick. In partnership with Chroma NB and GC2B, Queer and Trans Fatties provides free binders to fat folks in NB. Please note Chroma NB will be taking care of orders for sizes XS-L and QT Fatties will be taking care of orders for sizes XL-5X. Queer and Trans Fatties also often host clothing swaps for sizes XL and above. 

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TransCare+ is a community-based organization run by and for queer and gender diverse folx. They strive to centre holistic, community-focused, and anti-colonial understandings of care and wellness in a way that is accessible to queer and gender diverse folx of various lived experiences. Their Gender Affirming Gear Program provides queer and gender diverse folx of all sizes and skin tones access to gender affirming apparel and products, such as, binders, trans tape, breast forms, gaffs, packers, etc. Individuals may receive either a gift certificate for a gender affirming gear provider of their choice or a new or gently used apparel or product.​​


Based in Sackville New Brunswick, the Gender Affirmation Station provides gender-affirming gear to folks located in New Brunswick. Keep an eye out on their socials for more information about upcoming programs, donation drives, and resources. 

How To Use Gear

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